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The Espada

The Espada is the elite organization of Arrancar in the universe of Bleach. As the title of this fanlisting may suggest, it is strictly limited to the top ten Arrancar only. Each member is assigned a specific number based on how their power ranks with the other members. For example, Grimmjow has the number 6 tattooed onto him, indicating that he is the 6th most powerful Espada. Ulquiorra, on the other hand, is ranked as number 4, and is therefore more powerful than poor Grimmy.

It has been revealed that rankings are always subject to change, and that the members of the Espada can be easily replaced should a stronger Arrancar show up or in the event a member is eliminated. Thusly, no one's position is ever secure, and there is almost a constant power struggle among the more extreme Espadas.

As a fan of the Espada, I personally enjoy the troubled relationships among the entire group, and some of the characters never fail to amuse. The handful of Espada known for being outspoken or downright strange provide a nice contrast to the usual cordiality in Soul Society, freshening up the Bleach bad guy list quite a bit. Oh, and their uniforms are nice, too.


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